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The Robert Toigo Foundation

Recruit Experienced Talent

Toigo is also an affordable and practical source for talent beginning at the Vice President level to more Senior investment and leadership talent.

If you are interested in learning more about lateral recruiting or how you can become a PROpel partner, contact us at 510-488-5740 or at

Job Postings and ToigoPRO Flash Packages

Note: The ToigoPRO Job Posting site now requires employers to login prior to purchasing and posting a job package.

Single 60 Day Job Posting Package


Single 60 Day Job Posting with ToigoPRO Flash Upgrade


Three - 60 Day Job Posting Package


Three - 60 Day Job Posting with ToigoPRO Flash Upgrade


Ten - 60 Day Job Posting Package


Ten - 60 Day Job Posting with ToigoPRO Flash Upgrade


Customized Marketing

Job Board Banner Ad
30 day banner ad placement on Toigo’s job board page. Standard block 700 x 50 or Standard block 300 x 250 – Ads in Carousel/Slider

Targeted Promotion
Custom Marketing email to promote a role (to segmented group in Toigo network)

Targeted Talent Search

Leverage a dedicated recruiting professional to source qualified, diverse talent for a single role (placement fees apply if a Toigo-presented candidate is hired). Our model is flexible to align with work you may already be doing with an external search partner. Bottom line: Toigo talent will take our call and trusts our guidance when it comes to their career decisions. To Learn More contact us at 510-488-5740 or at

Toigo Talent Partnership – PROpel

When it comes to attracting the right talent for your organization, we believe the best way to truly stand out in today’s marketplace is to ensure your talent acquisition partnerships are rooted in genuine authenticity and exchange. By becoming a PROpel Partner you’re showing not only are you aware of how the opportunities for building diverse teams can positively impact corporate culture, advance management, and overall financial performance. But that you are an employer of action, aligned with Toigo’s mission to inspire change by advancing diverse leadership.

PROpel Partner benefits*:

  • Access to Toigo PROmoter, quarterly publication which presents talent profiles of a select group of experienced professionals who are open to career conversations
  • Access to Toigo Staff Talent Advisement Support Services which can include monthly strategy calls, talent persona development, etc.
  • Highlighted as a PROpel partner on Toigo’s various media outlets
  • Unlimited job posting
  • Targeted job promotions
  • Live streaming events and promotion
  • Access to discounted placement fees for targeted talent searches

   *some benefits may vary based upon PROpel partnership level